Men, Boys and Gender Equality


EMERGE Text, letterbox format

Engendering Men: Evidence on Routes to Gender Equality’ (EMERGE) is a two-year project to build an openly accessible basis of evidence, lessons and guidance for working with boys and men to promote gender equality, by early 2016.

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What's new

In this final blog of the series, Thea Shahrokh discusses the vision of the EMERGE project - a better approach to working with men, boys and masculinities in policy on gender equality for the future. 

In this blog, Thea Shahrokh and Alan Greig discuss the work of Nijera Kori, a national social movement in Bangladesh fighting for the rights of landless people. The movement works with women and men together, using strategies that highlight the links between economic and gender justice. 

This new policy brief from the EMERGE project makes the case for re-framing policy on gender equality in order to more productively factor in men and boys. It includes actions and approaches for policy makers.