Gender at Work: Emerging Messages

Rama, M.; Beegle, K.; Hentschel, K.
The World Bank
Publication date: 
January 2013

Gender equality at work matters. This World Bank brief is meant as a companion for the World Development Report on Jobs. It argues that closing the gender gap in employment is a win-win scenario for both business and development. Cited studies found that besides women’s social empowerment, closing the gender gap could push income per capita in emerging markets up to 14 percent higher by 2020. In five brief sections the report presents statistics and findings on why gender equality at work matters, what the current status is, strategies to address the gap, and advice on how to integrate strategies into programs.

Key findings include constraints posed by discriminatory laws or norms, exposure to violence, and insufficient access to education and skills-development that affect women’s work. The report also argues that social norms are a key factor, such as the assumption that care work is a woman's responsibility. The business case for investing in gender equity in the world of work is highlighted, both for the public and private sectors.

Publication place: 
Washington DC
World Bank. 2013. Emerging Messages: A Companion Report to the World Development Report on Jobs. Gender at work. Washington DC: World Bank
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