Global Overview 2014: People Internally Displaced by Conflict and Violence

Albuja, S.
Arnaud, E.
Caterina, M.
Charron, M.
Foster, F.
Glatz, A. K.
Kok, F.
Kritskiy, V.
Pagot, A.
Ruaudel, H.
Rushing, E.
Turner, W.
Walicki, N.
Wissing, M.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
Publication date: 
September 2014

Estimates say that there were 33.3 million internally displaced people (IDP’s) in the world as of the end of 2013. Forced to flee their homes by armed conflict, generalised violence, and human rights violations. Conflict and disaster impact men and women differently, underlining the need for knowledge on currently displaced populations.

This annual flagship report is an overview on the status IDP’s globally, with data and analysis gathered between January and December 2013. The first section of this resource outlines the scale and main trends, causes and impacts of displacement in 2013.

Worth mentioning are the crises in Syria, which accounted for 43% of new displacements worldwide, and Nigeria which authorities finally published official figures placing their number IDP’s at 3.3 million. This is followed by five regional summaries, with figures and descriptions of each of the 60 countries the organization monitors. Key concerns are put forth; these include the challenges of collecting IDP’s data, the combined impact of conflict and natural hazards, IDP’s outside camps, and protracted displacements.

Publication place: 
Albuja, Sebastián. Global overview 2014: People Internally Displaced by Conflict and Violence. Geneva: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 2014. Print.
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