Learn without fear: The global campaign to end violence in schools

Plan International
Publication date: 
January 2008

This campaign report reviews Plan International’s global campaign to end violence against children in schools across the 66 countries that Plan operates in. The report builds on a systematic and extensive literature review on school violence as well as telephone and email interviews with government and NGO experts from Asia, Latin America and Africa. The chapters of the report include corporal punishment, sexual violence, bullying, programmatic interventions demonstrating success around tackling violence in schools, legal and social mechanisms to address school violence and Plan International’s call to action.

The report comprehensively outlines the scale and severity of forms of school violence, causes and consequences of such violence, and how policy and programs can be improved to address it. The report provides concrete recommendations for what international organisations, governments, teachers, parents and children can do in order to prevent violence in schools.

Overall, the review found that the most effective strategies were those that targeted the school environment, such as changing classroom techniques and developing rules and mechanisms regarding school behaviour. Support of teachers and parents, promoting children’s awareness of their rights and ensuring their participation, and laws and strong enforcement were also asserted as critical components to effectively address school violence.

Publication place: 
Surrey, UK
Plan International (2008) Learn without fear: the global campaign to end violence in schools, Surrey: Plan International
Corporal punishment
sexual violence
children’s rights
educational quality