Reframing paper: Conceptual Guidance and an Agenda for Change

This paper draws on learning from the EMERGE project to set out the case for a new conceptual framing of men and boys in policy for gender equality. It considers the challenges that prevalent framings present, and presents some ideas on how framings of gender need to change. It then sets out an ‘agenda for change’ with recommendations to improve the design of both programmatic work and higher policy level strategies.

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For translating evidence and learning into useable information for policy makers, activists and programmers, this page provides links to tools and practical resources.

Tools and guides

Search over 40 guides and tools on working with men and boys for gender equality, selected by EMERGE partners.

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Policy Brief: Reframing men and boys in policy for gender equality

This briefing highlights some implications for policy from the learning in the EMERGE project. It makes the case for re-framing policy on gender equality in order to more productively factor in men and boys, and it suggests actions and approaches that policy makers can take to reframe policy in this area.

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Practice Brief: Lessons in good practice from work with men and boys for gender equality

Useful for those designing and implementing projects, programmes and other initiatives to work with men and boys for gender equality, this practice brief addresses: how to focus or target an initiative with men and boys, designing successful initiatives, and challenges and future priorities.

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